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EMC Camera is designed for Photography Enthusiasts to get the most from the Android camera.

This is the EVALUATION version of EMC Camera. You will only be able to save a single image each time the app is started. This is for evaluation purposes only.

There are a number of features and operating modes that are individually configurable to allow the user to customize the interface and add to the standard available parameters. These features include:
- Real-time image Crop Area and optional secondary preview for accurate content framing.
- Adjustable size/location of Focus and Light Metering Areas.*
- Full Screen operation or partial screen camera preview allowing for additional operation, without blocking camera preview display such as Alternate Zoom and Area manipulation controls, Detailed menu operations, Additional cropped area real-time preview in Camera and Telescope Modes.
- Configurable Menus allowing changes to the placement, look and operation of the camera parameters. Choose for yourself what options you need at your finger tips, decide on their look and choose from multiple operation modes such as opening selection menus, auto rotate to next option or reset to the default option. Both short and long click options are individually configurable. Up to 14 menu items may be available on screen at one time.
- Add to the camera options and unlock features of your camera that are unavailable in the standard interface. You can configure the system to access all available options of your camera.*
- Use the customizable Environment Option Settings to link multiple option/setting changes into a single button click. Can be configured to make changes from complete interface re-organization to cater for different requirements. One mode for taking detailed shots requiring access to multiple menu options, and another for the quick camera snaps using the default parameters, down to configuring a single click to simply change two camera parameters at once.
- Many modes of operation including
+ Standard Camera and Real-time Image capture options
+ Stead shot with movement sensor*, Light Sensor*, Horizon level*, Multishot image capture, Face Detect*
+ Alternate Image output options such as automatic watermarking and Image Adjustments (Hue, Saturation, Lightness, Tone Mapping, Red, Green, Blue Tone adjustment)
+ Image capture options to aid in setting changes such as Histogram, Focus Distance meter and Image Detail intensity display.
+ Histogram taken from cropped image area in live preview, allowing review of histogram levels on
- In Application Help documentation.

The FULL interface requires a minimum screen size of 1024 X 600. If you're unsure of your devices screen size you can find out from websites such as whatismyandroidversion.com. This figure can vary slightly (some smaller screens can support the full interface) for some devices with a higher screen density. If your device does not match this size then only a cut down version of the interface is available with support for Full Screen operation only and limited menu options.

* Depending on Hardware capabilities

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