Spectacular "Lomo, Camera, Photo, Footprint, online Album/Storage, share" App - Foottr

    What Foottr can do:
    1. Store and manage your photos securely.
    2. Organize photos as footprints automatically.
    3. Online storage and backup.
    4. Share on: Facebook, Twitter, Weibo etc.
    5. Amazing Lomo cameras: ActionSampler, SuperSampler, POP9, Twins star etc.
    6. Easily share footprints with your Foottr friends.
    7. Smart vignetting and realistic display.

    More features of Foottr:
    1. Completely new redesigned user interface.
    2. Clearer ,sharper picture quality.
    3. Free 1GB online storage, with more coming soon.
    4. Additional map view mode.
    5. You can email or save to your phone.
    6. More appropriate image sizing for your network capacity, increasing storage space.
    7. The most accurate map positioning.
    8. Easily use Foottr footprints to share photos quickly with your Foottr friends and family, Foottr allows you to accurately and quickly locate your associates.
    9. English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) supported.

    Recommended requirements: CPU 600MHZ or above, RAM 256M or above, Screen 800x480 / 854x480 / 960x640.
    Motorola phones are not supported at present.

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