HDR Pro Camera



HDR Pro Camera creates well-exposed, naturally looking, full-resolution pictures captured with your camera or from pictures stored in the gallery.

*** NEW Version 2.0 *** Improved automatic align algorithm for perfect results *** NEW ***

Two or three pictures with different exposures are stitched into one HDR image. Various parameters can be contolled such as saturation, brightness, contrast, details, picture alignment and others.

- Well-exposed, naturally looking pictures
- Input from camera or gallery (for instance for existing pictures from a DSLR)
- Automatic alignment can be turned off
- Full resolution support (limited by device RAM)
- Parameters for highlights, shadows, contrast, brightness, saturation, edges

Note: depending on the picture dimensions a lot of RAM is used for a short time. We recommend to use HDR Pro Camera only on devices with more than 256 MB of RAM.

Please send questions and feedback to office@tequnique.com or use the contact form provided on our website http://www.tequnique.com

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