Human Anatomy for Beginner



Human Anatomy for Beginner, you'll learn the human anatomy in the photos and videos of the human body a full-fledged 182 or more pieces that were carefully selected in the app to learn fun and human anatomy.
You can learn a long time without getting tired and Human Anatomy for Beginner, to learn about the human body fun!
"Enjoyable human anatomy" is the introductory app human anatomy.
It is an application health care workers to perform the work under the direction of physicians and dentists and students of the nursing school at the University of "paramedical staff" for. Therefore, it is also recommended for people who are not a medical student.
When you start anatomy, you can first learn and simple this.
You can learn about the human body that is easy to understand by the human body skeleton model and human body shapes 360 degrees.

The Why not try to prep before the anatomy?
Use the illustrations and easy to understand in detail, "the basis Anatomy" the name of each part of the body of our human will introduce.
It has become a full-fledged content of the University of "human anatomy" Medicine.

Image list that is included:
Human body skeleton to see in a 360-degree view that due to the full-scale CG
Human body skeleton + viscera to see in a 360-degree view that due to the full-scale CG
Human body muscle to see in a 360-degree view due to the full-scale CG
Muscle to learn terminology (University of Medicine)
Upper body (muscle)
Lower body (muscle)
The video expert on human anatomy
Discoveries and surprises, fun, new excitement is waiting for you.
"Seeing is believing" is!
You can view the image free image enlargement, reduction in function!
In the slide show function, you can enjoy images as a slide realistic.
In YouTube tab, you can enjoy the animal videos that you learn in English! !

Please enjoy the "Human Anatomy for Beginner" app! !

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