The main purpose of ImageFX is to tie all the ImageFX apps together. This allows you to easily use your image in any of the ImageFX series.

Montysmagic has produced a series of photography apps that are part of our ImageFX series. They allow you to do many of the photo and photography editing and many other functions that you would find in advanced photographic software.

Every app in the ImageFX series can be used as a stand-alone app or can be used in conjunction with any other app in the ImageFX system. Changes you make in one of the ImageFX apps will automatically appear in our other photography apps.

By making each function a separate app instead of trying to put everything in one app, we are able constantly improve the individual apps without the limitations you would find in a single app. For example Green Screen Magic which is part of the ImageFX series concentrates only on adding green screen effects to your picture. This means we can use all the resources of the app for that purpose. Picture Watermark which is also part of the ImageFX series allows you to product your pictures by adding a watermark. You can add the watermark before or after using any of the other effects in the ImageFX series.

Any of the ImageFX apps can be used as a stand-alone app mixed with other ImageFX apps.

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