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    Stop cropping your photos for Instagram! InstaSquare puts any photo in a square and then sends it to instagram where you can keep the full photo.

    I use InstaSquare on all my personal Instagram photos, for squaring, rotating and zooming. Often with a thin black border. Check it out on Instagram under the username "farstukvist".

    All features:

    - select square image size: 512, 1024 or 2048px
    - select color depth: 16 bit or 32 bit
    - pinch zoom image inside the square frame
    - move image inside the square frame
    - zooming, rotating and moving is lightning fast and smooth
    - rotate image freely (any degree) with two fingers
    - rotate by fixed 90 degrees (normal rotation)
    - select square resolution between 512, 1024 and 2048.
    - optionally add an overlay frame
    - watermark (custom text)
    - enter watermark text
    - select watermark position
    - change watermark transparency
    - thin border
    - gold frame
    - ellipse
    - heart
    - vignette
    - rounded corners
    - parchment
    - soft edges
    - select any color for the frame
    - select any color for the background
    - share to any app, not just instagram
    - save image to gallery
    - use camera or gallery to pick image
    - listens to action_send intent from any other image/photo app

    watermarks can be used as signature, positioned above or below the photo.

    more features will follow

    metal texture provided by:

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