iScape Lite Landscape Designs



Landscape designs made easy with iScape.

Our innovative technology will help you envision your ideas by providing the necessary tools to easily create a clear picture of what something looks like before the work starts – and most importantly, before the money is spent.

The ever increasing image database has many options to choose from as In App Purchases including Trees, Flowers, Perennials, Shrubs, Ground-covers, HardScapes, Water Features, and much more.

iScape Lite is free to download so you can test the software out before making any In App Purchases. This is to ensure you are satisfied with our landscaping design app at no cost.

iScape's simplicity is making a tremendous impact for both Homeowners and Professionals. Sometimes it can be very hard for the homeowner to convey their visions to the contractor and vice versa. It takes all the guesswork out of the equation and eliminates any confusion during the planning process, while saving you time and money. It has also been a great design tool for the horticultural department at universities, specifically in the landscape architect division.

If you're a do-it-yourself landscaper or gardner, it can help you decide what to buy and where to plant it. Print out your design and head to your local home improvement store. Even if you plan to hire a landscape contractor, you will have actual images to help explain your vision while walking them through your project. Even kids are having fun and can now be a part of the process.

iScape is the premier landscape design app for all types of users!

•"iScape has been a revolutionary on-the-go sales and design tool for my company." – Rebearth Lawncare
•"Instead of trying to explain what it will look like, you simply show them right on the spot!" – Grassroots
•"I have always wanted to plan out a job site in full color, now I just take a picture of the site, do a lil magic and voila!! I'm done the best money I've spent in along time. -Big Shane's landscaping
•"As a landscaper this app will become part of my presentations." - Pataskala

• Texture Tool – used to add or replace ground covers such as grass, mulch, pavers, stones, etc.
• iS Database – used to add images to your design. iScape's image database includes flowers, trees, shrubs, perennials,ground covers, hardscapes, water features, etc..
• Double-Tap Layer Function – Double-tapping an image gives you access to the image preferences, located in the top toolbar: includes Delete Layer, Lock or Unlock Layer, Duplicate Layer, Flip Layer, and Arrange the Layers (bring to front, send to back).
• Save and Share – lets you save or share via Photo Library, Facebook, Email, and Print.
• Deciduous Trees
• Evergreen Trees
• Flowering Trees
• Palm Trees
• Flowering Shrubs
• Evergreen Shrubs
• Annual Flowers
• Perennials Sun
• Perennial Shade
• Perennial Ground Cover
• Perennial Grass
• Cactus
• Tropical/Indoors
• Planted
• Unplanted
• Water Falls & Gardens
• Swimming Pools
• Water Fountains
• Architecture
• Stone and Retention Walls
• Walkways and Steps
• Paver and Patios
• Landscape Decks
• Wood Fences
• Wrought Iron Fences
• Lighting
• Yard Art
• Novelty Birdhouses
• Windows and Doors

We really hope that you enjoy iScape. We are continuously striving to make our apps better and better. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any feedback and/or questions @ The user feedback has been a tremendous help with iScape's development and we greatly appreciate it!

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