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Jump to take a photo at your highest point. See the world as if you're 8ft tall!

- Ever been to a music festival and wanted to get a photo ABOVE everyone else's head?
- Ever wanted to see what's over that wall?
- Ever wanted to just jump for the sake of jumping and take a photo at the same time?

JumpShot is for you! JumpShot uses your phone's accelerometer to determine when and how high you've jumped in the air and takes a photo when you're at your highest point.

INSTRUCTIONS: Hold your phone above your head with your arm straight, then jump upwards by bending your knees. Try to keep your arm as still as possible in the air.

Works best in good lighting conditions, like daylight. If you try it at night you will get some interesting blurry effects!

Disclaimer: HOLD YOUR PHONE TIGHTLY WHEN YOU JUMP. Please don't let it fly out of your hand, I take no responsibility for damaged phones!

Under absolutely no circumstances should you THROW YOUR PHONE IN THE AIR. IT WILL SMASH AND YOU'LL BE VERY SAD (although the app does work perfectly in the air).

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