Learning HDR Photography

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    The HDR imaging training course is led by Andy Anderson, a world class trainer who has authored 17 books and led training seminars for companies and institutions as diverse as Boeing Aircraft and The White House. Anderson’s professional history and perspective frame many of the photography lessons, as he explains even advanced theory and technical details in discrete steps that even beginners can understand.
    The HDR tutorials begins with a basic definition of dynamic range, exposure, and the ways high dynamic range techniques are used by different photographers. After establishing the basic background, the lessons move right into camera controls and shooting techniques, with tips for a wide range of cameras, from basic consumer models to DSLRs. The next chapters focus on uploading the raw images and effectively managing and processing them on a computer, using Adobe Photoshop and Photomatix by HDRSoft. Anderson covers merging, tone mapping, exposure fusion and more.
    “Andy is a natural with a camera, and he’s able to bring his enthusiasm and professionalism into every lesson he does,” said Chris Johns, content coordinator for InfiniteSkills. “That means tutorials that are very, very informative but also fun to watch. Absolutely anyone can learn pro-level techniques from this training.”
    The InfiniteSkills HDR Photography course closes with lessons on fine-tuning images and dealing with common challenges often encountered in the process. Anderson shows how to deal with excessive image noise, enhance dull images and produce HDR effects with black and white photos.

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