Let's Tag It



Tag your pictures immediately after taking with a minimum of clicks.
Do not wait to tag your pictures until the amount makes it to a huge and difficult task.

Support of Windows XPKeywords, Exif, Iptc and Xmp formats.
Support of Google+ Photo's and Picasa Webalbums enables tag selection in the android gallery.
Tagged photo's are recognized by Windows, online services like Flickr and many more.

- View on tag based selection.
- Search / Browse effectively by tags.
- Sequence / Order your pictures and save it as a slideshow.
- Tagging of pictures on shared network drives.
- Converting GPS coordinates to locality(city)/address tags (Geo-coding).
This requires internet availability.

If you want to support the development of this application, there is a paid version available.
The maximum number of tags is limited to 3 in this free version.

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