Help create a global lighting design community by showcasing and searching our digital library of professional lighting projects from around the world … and maybe even in your own neighborhood.
LightWhere collaborators, including lighting designers, architects, consulting engineers, and manufacturers, can share recent project images through direct upload from the iPhone/iPad camera or photo gallery. For those looking for inspiration, collaborators can search the directory to instantly find projects by category, series name or location. Search results are displayed via the device’s interactive map that routes you to the nearest displayed project.
All uploads will be screened for accuracy and liability. No copyrighted photos, please.
LightWhere is free. We’re hoping to keep it that way, too!
showcases lighting projects by fixture and location will allow lighting professionals to take a photograph of a lighting project in the built environment to capture the unique installation features and provide GPS coordinates on a map; making it physically possible to locate lighting projects by fixture in your city, neighborhood or surrounding area.