It is an application which recognizes a face and makes a list automatically.
Easy usage
Click 1 and a shooting button and it goes into photography mode.
A shutter goes out by the tap of 2 and a screen.
If it returns with 3 and the returning button, and a list creation button is clicked 4 and the frame of a square is displayed on a photograph, the tap of the click 5 and the displayed list will be carried out, and a translucent list creation button will be edited individually.
Please push the button which will return if 6 and edit finish.
Since 7 and a preservation dialog come out, the name is inputted, and it is more than a click about a button, and is completion.
Click a list display button.
A list top tap is a list top long shank tap for seeing a set photograph mug shot.
Furthermore, a mug shot tap displays each one of individual data.
Click a list edit button.
A list top tap is a mug shot.
Furthermore, a display and edit of a mug shot tap can do each one of individual data.
A list top long shank tap is deleted.
The rate of facial recognition increases so that photograph size is large, but it takes time.
Moreover, it is easy to get insufficient memory.
ending an application, when insufficient memory is displayed -- photograph size -- please make it small and take a photograph.

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