LongExposure Cam



Take Long-Exposured Nigh-Shots directly with your Smartphone - in full resolution!
You can also record Time-Lapse image-sequencies!

Have you ever wondered how to get nice Night-Shots? With Long-Time Exposure-Photography, you'll get them!
This app takes several, long-exposured images and calculates them together. It generates a final image which has a lot more light then an usual image. With a special algorithm, it will try to reduce shaking of the image.

With the FX-Mode "Brighten" you can even use this app for long-exposure Daytime shots!

You can even simulate Flash-Behaviour like 1st curtain or 2st curtain sync!

Saves images in full image size!

More at www.android-photo.com/le-cam

New: LE Cam now supports to save original files to create awesome time-lapse videos. Learn more at www.android-photo.com/?item=3

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