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    Share your dynamic fashion item pictures with all around world users. You may check out pictures of special and unique fashion items through LUKnFEED.COM. Also, it connects with your handy dandy mobile device which is more convenient for most of users. By one finger touch you may share fashion style and get feedback from other users. Get an alert from your follow users and get ideas about fashion styling.

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    • Most popular top 10 fashion style pictures

    • Get an alert from your following user’s new picture (LOOK)
    • Get a comment from your pictures (COMMNET)
    • Notification from following users (FOLLOW)
    • Notification on LOVELY clicks (LOVELY)

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    - Upload via album
    - Upload via camera
    - Cover face

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    - Find your friends on LUK N FEED
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    - Shows the fashion styles with the most “LOVELY”

    - Shows the fashion styles that have been uploaded most recently

    Touch "Lovely" to select your favorite photos!

    Shows the fashion styles your friends have uploaded and comments on your fashion styles.

    - Upload your Fashion Style! How many “LOVELY” can you get?

    - You can share your fashion styles via Twitter and Facebook

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