Mobile world News



Mobile version of the magazine "Mobile News" opens a new era. Magazine during its existence has led the way in the mobile world is a whole generation of mobile users. Having taken a prominent part in the formation of the market of mobile gadgets, the magazine itself is mobile. Already the February issue of the magazine will have a version specially adapted for reading on tablets and smartphones platform Android. In this case, the familiar face of the magazine "Mobile News" is fully preserved, and regular readers will not notice much of a difference compared to the paper version. The mission of the magazine also remains the same.
In the magazine "Mobile News" will continue to publish materials to help our readers to correctly navigate the rapidly changing mobile market. The magazine will talk about how to use them most effectively, squeezing out of them all that they are capable of, and in some cases even more, using their undocumented features.
Signature feature of the magazine is absolute objectivity and impartiality in the presentation of materials in which black will not be presented as an off-white, and it will be called black.