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    Motivational Poster App. Create your own motivational posters, upload an image or take a photo and share the posters with your family & friends on social networks.

    To wish someone a good day, you just need a couple of words of encouragement and motivation to make it possible; you might want to make a joke to make the people forget their bad mood, have a fun time, or make them have a good feeling. Through a fun and reassuring image to make it more enjoyable, even if you want to accompany him in any mood, you can express it from the phrase and appropriate image. Therefore, we bring you an interesting, effective and simple app to achieve this and more.

    We bring to you, App Motivational (AppMot), an application that allows you to create a motivational poster of an attractive and fast way to convey your feelings to your friends, family or anyone you want. What kind of sentiment would like to transmit? It could be love, boredom, agitation, affection, aggressiveness, tenderness, joy, shock, sadness, anxiety, anguish, affection, apprehension, repentance, authoritarianism, jealousy, claustrophobia, cholera, disgust, doubt support, sensitivity, regret, pain, reflection, longing, coldness, gratitude, sensitivity, regret, pain, reflection, surprise, fear, shame, sorrow, disease health, selflessness, joy, shyness, emotion, grief, pride, anger, impatience, hope, resentment, etc.

    Our app has features that will help you do it in a very short time, such as:

    ★ Easy access menu
    ★ Simple and precise controls
    ★ Multiple languages
    ★ Created posters gallery
    ★ Share by via message, email or social networks

    No matter what you say, just take a picture or select it, according to sentiment or feeling you want to express, write the title, a little thought, adjust the image and you are ready to go! Share it instantly via email or message. You can save it in your gallery too and then share it on your favorite social networks.

    You can use any kind of image: from motivating and inspiring to love, heartbreak, sadness, joy, funny and creepy. Create as many as you want and keep the AppMot with you for the right time, download it for free to your favorite device and contact with your feelings.

    Languages: Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish.

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