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Take a picture of all your drawings with this application and send them to the social networks for budding (or professional) artists! Vote for the best drawings and comment on drawings to encourage or advise artists.

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It is time to re-open all your notebooks in search of small drawings made during long training hours and show thus your talent!

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★ Categories ★

Most popular categories used in this application that can be used for better organization:
✓ Drawing lessons / classes / courses
✓ Drawing/Tag/Tags seen on class tables, wall of college / school, city, etc.
✓ Drawing on canvas
✓ Drawing on paper: pencil and ball-point pen
✓ Painting: watercolor & canvas
✓ Student drawing: at primary of secondary school, in the college auditorium, drawings made out of total boredom!
✓ Drawing on blank notebook page or sketching notebook

★ Definitions ★

Drawing and its various techniques.

- Drawing remains the fastest way to create a work, be it a finished work or a simple sketch. Drawing can also be used in all phases of study during the implementation of more elaborate work. Whether in figurative or abstract style, the graphic symbol of a drawing made with signs, stains or various shades, conveys the entire creative force of the artist.

- Pencils: in the 18th century, the use of two pens (black and white) on a tinted paper (white and black) and three colors, namely black, white and red (red ocher, iron oxide, cinnabar) or dark brown (ocher, yellow ocher, soot).

- Conté crayons / sticks : clay mixed with powdered graphite before cooking (created in 1794 by the chemist of the same name).

- Chalk: its use was common in the 16th century. It became widespread in the 18th century as highlight marker in drawings in black and red chalk (hence the technical name of three-pencil drawing).

- Charcoal: charcoal stick from the tree of the same name. Fragile and of limited durability.

- Lead pencil: the graphite pencil was replaced in the 18th century by the pencil made of artificial plumbago (mixture of graphite and clay), very fashionable in the 19th century. Invented by Conté.

- Graphite: natural or artificial crystallized carbon, almost pure, gray-black and soft, friable.

- Pastels: sticks made from a mixture of white clay, dyes and Arabic gum

- Dry pastel: dilution of pigment powders in gummed water.

- Oil pastel: dilution of pigment powders with clay and oil.

- Water painting: paint diluted with water, transparent, lightweight, and generally done on a white paper.

✓ Definition of perspective in your drawings: All perspective and representation techniques intend to represent three-dimensional objects on a surface, taking into account the effects of distance and position in space vs. the observer.
Most techniques are applied to a flat and thin surface, typically a sheet, frame or screen.

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