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NASDAQ Stock Manager helps you keep track of US financial market. It is having very simple and user friendly interface.
It synchronizes with different sources i.e. Google Finance & Yahoo Finance, allows quick access to charts, news & portfolio management & a close eye on World Markets
• Track your portfolio with shares and cost
• Stock with real time tickers
• Manage portfolio and save all your transactions
• Manage Multiple portfolios (Click on Menu Button)
• Manage Multiple Watch List for better Tracking (Click on Menu Button)
* Live News for your watch list and portfolio.
This application is a stocks viewer with no warranty.
Follow the evolution of the NASDAQ 100 index and their components (+ Facebook) ​​in the most simple, convenient, easy and effective way. A different approach the NASDAQ stock market.
Investment opportunities.
Follow-up values.
Graphs of different periods, daily and annual ranges.
Full-screen graphics.
Follow the progress of your portfolio including dividends.
Portfolio charts.