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NeroKwik is an all-in-one photo gallery that gathers all your photos from different sources into one single photo gallery and gives you the tools to be creative and social with your photos. Enhance your photos with our fun and powerful built-in photo editing tools, create beautiful custom photo albums and share them with your friends and family, publicly or privately. All of these great features in one ad-free app!

Simply connect your Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows 8, Amazon Kindle Fire or NOOK devices, as well as your Facebook, Flickr, Google+/Picasa and SugarSync cloud storage accounts to NeroKwik and you will be able to view and access those photos stored on your devices and online services anytime anywhere in the NeroKwik – Photo Gallery.

Have a large collection of photos? No worries! With NeroKwik's intuitive timeline navigation, you can find the photos you want through your large gallery faster. Just scroll the timeline bar up and down and it will guide you through your photo collection based on the time the photos were taken.

Feeling creative and social? Edit your photos with our powerful photo editor that comes with gorgeous photo filters. It even lets you create your own memes! Explore more by creating stunning custom photo album with NeroKwik’s Tapestry that lets you arrange and resize photos according to your liking. Share your single original photos, edited photos or Tapestries with your friends and family privately via email or publicly through Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

NeroKwik, unlike other photo apps, displays shared photos that received more likes and comments on your social media accounts larger. With this one-of-a-kind feature, you can instantly take a glimpse of your most popular photos. Simply set the Tapestry setting to “Social” and now your photos are displayed based on their popularity.

1. During account registration, connect your social media accounts and cloud storage services that you normally use to start enjoying your consolidated photo gallery.
2. Don't forget to install NeroKwik - Photo Gallery on your other devices and login with the same account you created at first registration. This will allow you to access your photos stored on each of the devices.

• NeroKwik – Photo Gallery runs on iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, Windows 8 and NOOK devices
• Instantly access and combine all your photos. Those stored on different devices, posted on Facebook, Flickr, Google+, or stored on SugarSync cloud storage
• Edit photos with powerful and fun built-in photo editor equipped with cosmetic enhancement tools
• Create stunning custom photo albums called “Tapestries” with just a few taps and drags
• Share Tapestries and single photos privately with friends and family via email and text message or publicly by posting on Twitter, Facebook or Google+
• Post single photos as attachment to all applicable apps on your Android device
• Update shared Tapestries automatically when you add or remove photos
• Quickly find the photos you want at a glance using an intuitive, easy-to-use interface
• Identify photos according to what’s important to you and highlight more prominent photos based on social feedback.

• TechCrunch - "A smart effort well worth your time to check out."
• Webuser Magazine - Recognized as one of the "Best 50 Apps for your tablet & phone"
• AndroidApps – “5 out of 5 stars.”
• CNET – “Access photos all in one spot and eliminate the need to juggle multiple services and devices to view album.”

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