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    [Overlay Camera] allows Android users to easily overlay the camera view on top of the desired background image from Android Gallery. Unlike the studio "Chroma Keying" technology, Overlay Camera doesn't need any special "green" or "blue" screens and studio photo hardware & software. Basically, all Overlay Camera needs is your Android device, and everything is done in real-time. Here are the basic steps to run Overlay Camera:

    1. Place your camera target (people or objects) in front of any single solid color background (for example: white wall, yellow curtain..., any backgrounds with single solid color & flat surface).

    2. Preview your camera target with Overlay Camera. The background color of your camera target is automatically filtered out.

    3. Load the desired background image (scenery photo, movie poster...) from the Gallery of your Android device.

    4. Overlay the camera target on top of the selected background image in real-time.

    5. Use Overlay Camera to fine tune the overlaid image, and save it back to the Gallery of your Android device. (Only the "Full Version" program supports this function.)

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