Owls of Japan



There are some 220 species of owls in the world. Twelve species were recorded in Japan.
Their disk shaped faces act as a microphone. Blakiston’s Fish Owls live in Hokkaido.
They have been treated as a god of hunting by the native ainu people. They are the largest owl in Japan, which has a wingspan of 180 cm and weight of 5 kilograms. Snowy Owls famous for playing a messenger role in Harry Potter movies visit Japan in winter.
In Europe owls have been respected as a god of knowledge. In Japan, owls are regarded as a creature of good luck because fukuro, a Japanese name for an owl literally means no trouble. Females are bigger than males. They mostly nest in a tree cavity. They feed on mammals, birds, fish, and insects. Most owls are nocturnal, but some are diurnal. The sensitivity of their eyes is 100 times better than that of human.

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