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    Panda ( scientific name: Ailuropoda melanoleuca ), usually referred to as the" Panda", is the world's most valuable animals, is very scarce, belonging to the national level protected animals, body color is black and white, known as" a national treasure of china". The giant panda is endemic to China, belongs to bear branch, the existing main habitat in China, Shaanxi and other surrounding mountains of sichuan. The world wild giant pandas living approximately about 1590. Adult panda is about 120 ~ 190 cm, weight 85 to 125 kilograms, adapt to the bamboo-eating life. Panda cute cute around the world by the public's favorite, in 1961 the world nature foundation on the establishment of a panda as its symbol, the giant panda has become the symbol of the most important species for conservation, but also China as the diplomatic activities of the friendly important representative.

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