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Create outstanding professional panoramas right from the palm of your hand.

PanoStitch allows you to automatically merge multiple overlapping low-res pictures from your Android device into an outstanding Panorama without any manual intervention!


PanoStitch is a professional, panorama picture software. It will assemble a mosaic of overlapping pictures into a complete multi-row panorama. This is the best photography application in the store!

Use your favorite camera application to take pictures, and use PanoStitch to stitch them. PanoStitch will take care of alignment and/or exposure issues for you, without any manual intervention.

Please note that PanoStitch is NOT a camera application, it will create professional grade Panoramas out of your Gallery/camera roll.

PanoStitch is focusing on quality. This is a professional post-treatment application.

This version will expire 48h after the first installation.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"The best application app for panorama pictures" - Mary

"Better than the panoramic feature on iphone 5!!!" - Andrew

"I love to make quality pictures and panostitch is perfect for me!" - Audrey

★ ★ ★ If you have any request or question on the app, send us an email: We respond personally to every single email we receive ★ ★ ★

★ You can also download Panostitch full version:

☆ FAQ ☆
● Can I use PanoStitch to take pictures directly?
No. PanoStitch is a panorama stitcher, not a camera application. Please use your favorite camera application for that. PanoStitch will only handle all the magic behind Panorama making (pitch/roll/yaw adjustement, aligning, blending and much more)

● How much pictures should overlap?
For best results, pictures should overlap by 10 to 25%. Higher is better. Below, the alignment process may fail and strange results may appears.

● What about others software available?
None of them, excepted latest Google's Photosphere, allows you to merge multi-row pictures into a single panorama! With others, you'll only get a VERY long picture (several pictures wide), but a single picture tall! Amazing, isn't it?

● What about Google's Photosphere ?
Google's Photosphere is focusing on speed, not on quality. Moreover, Google's Photosphere can't output several megapixels panorama. If you're looking for speed, and not planning to print and/or share your panoramas stick on it. If you want professional looking HD panoramas up to 20MP, use PanoStitch. Moreover, Google's Photosphere is only available starting from Android 4.2.

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: allows to save panoramas to external storage
WAKE_LOCK : allows to stitch panoramas in background without getting interrupted
INTERNET: allows the share features
WRITE_SETTINGS: allows to save settings

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