Pencil Sketch Pro



This app can make a very realistic pencil sketch from any photo!
You can apply a pencil effect to a part of your picture with a touch of your finger or you can turn whole picture into a pencil sketch!
What is more, you can customize this image effect: you can adjust an intensity of the effect, you can create black & white sketch or color sketch.
This app provides an opportunity to create a portrait sketch or a pencil sketch of anything else.




- Import photos from Gallery, Camera or Facebook!
- Crop & resize an image before you start drawing!


- Apply effect to whole image!
- Apply effects to a part of the image (with a touch of your fingers)! Localizing the effect!
- Move and zoom image with your fingers (two finger zoom)!
- Save as many projects as you want (you can continue drawing when you want)!


- Customize pencil sketch effect - you can adjust an intensity and you can create color sketch!
- Configure brush size and hardness!
- The App is optimized for tablets


- Share your masterpiece via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, E-Mail, MMS and other applications!
- Save on sdcard!


The structure of the app is very simple and clear: even a child can use it!
However, despite its simplicity, it provides a decent quality for your images.


Thanks for your support, friends!
Thanks for your reviews!


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