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The interest in penguins, these birds from Antarctica, has always been high, and after the cartoon "Madagascar" and "Madagascar 2", where the charming Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private virtually created his own story line, the Penguins were surrounded by even more attention.

What kind of bird that never flew, but very good swimmers?

In total there are 18 species of penguins, the smallest of the so-called Little Penguins (up to 45 cm, weight 2.5 kg) to the largest, the emperor penguin (up to 120 cm, weight up to 46 kg). Body shape more reminiscent of penguins are not birds, and dolphins, which means frequent pastime in the water. The device of wings and a powerful chest muscles and are not meant for flying, and swimming. Usually the bones of birds have a tubular structure that allows us to find a compromise between strength and weight, but the bones of dolphins are very strong and heavy, more like the bones of dolphins and seals.

Eyes of the penguins are more suited for vision under water, so they see on the ground is not very good. Pupil of the eye penguin can grow much more human, so the penguins can see well even in the dark, at a depth of 100 meters.

Penguins eat mostly fish and crustaceans. During the hunt penguins spend much time in cold water, plunging to a depth of 500 meters and holding at one time under water up to 18 minutes. Except Antarctica, penguins live in New Zealand, Australia, on the coast of South America and even the Galapagos Islands near the equator.

List of photos:
01 Baby penguins
02 Flying penguin
03 Chicks Kindergarten
04 Open air
05 Penguin kiss
06 Penguin trio
07 Penguin family
08 Two penguins
09 Morning in Antarctica
10 Penguin chick
11 Penguin walk
12 Wonderful baby
13 Baby penguin
14 Little penguin
15 Penguin soulmates
16 Hunting party
17 Penguin family
18 Emperor penguin chick
19 Child education
20 Penguin chick with father
21 I want to eat!
22 Penguin surfer
23 Penguin diving
24 Penguin chick with mother
25 Penguin brothers
26 Young penguins
27 Opposition
28 Warm place
29 Belly Slide Penguin
30 Kindergarten
31 Bay of Isles, penguin colony
32 Would you like to swim today?
33 Cool water
34 Ice mountain
35 Cockcrow in Antarctica
36 Penguins from Edinburgh Zoo
37 Penguins from Prague
38 Little Blue Penguin from Adelaide Zoo
39 Penguins from Asahiyama
40 Memphis Zoo
41 Belfast Zoological gardens
42 Penguins from Singapore Zoo
43 London Zoo pool
44 Emperor penguin on Peka Peka Beach
45 Penguin underwater in Belfast Zoo
46 African penguin swimming
47 Penguin diving at the zoo in Wuppertal, Germany
48 Two penguins
49 Calgary Zoo
50 Its baby time

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