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Photaf Panorama (Free)'s review

by Peter Warrior

This app makes interactive landscapes from a series of photos.

  • Original combo of GPS and camera
  • In terms of the effort put in, results may be disappointing.

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"3D landscapes Good heavens!"

Photaf Pro may seem original right now, but we're sure that apps like this will be commonplace in the near future.

Until they become the order of the day, however, it's compulsory to read the Help file because it’s not easy to create the 3D panoramas. It's something that can't be improvised; you have to plan well what you want to do. So much planning can be a bit dissuasive and the results can be somewhat disappointing. This means that you should be prepared to spend some time mastering this app.

To give you a rough idea, let's say that a 3D landscape is made from 9 to 12 photos. Take the first one and move the phone towards the arrow displayed on screen until you hear a beep. Once all the photos have been taken, you have to wait a little until your device processes the whole image. Make sure to stay still and that there aren't moving objects around.

When you achieve something worthy, you can save or share it at your whim. You need to purchase Photaf Pro to unlock all options but we recommend checking out the free version first. Try to undertake one or two projects and control the settings before jumping straight in with the paid version.

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Jun 08, 2011

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