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Make awesome paintings from usual photos

Create awesome paintings using deep art technology! There are 25 stunning styles for your photos in this deep art photo editor! 5 of them are absolutely free. There will be more and more styles in each update.

With a help of Deep Art Photo Effects you can apply many wonderful photo effects with a touch of your finger: pencil sketch effect, motion blur, vignette effect, retro photo filter and many more.

★ COLOR SPLASH: You can use color splash effect to adjust colors using different cool photo effects.
★ CROP PHOTOS: In this simple photo editor you can crop, resize and rotate photos, using multitouch gestures.
★ EASY TO USE: This is a very simple image editor and it’s easy to use. It provides a wide range of cool photo touch effects.

Filters for photos:
★ Awesome pencil sketch photo effect to make your photo look like a sketch. Using this easy photo editor you can easily turn your photo into a real pencil sketch!
★ Blur photo or blur a background of the photo with a touch. Sharpen a part of the photo. Blur photo by touching edges of the photo to make it look nice.
★ Change contrast, brightness and saturation of the photo in our simple photo editor.
★ Color splash effect. This is a very powerful photo color editor. For example, you can make a part of your photo black and white (monochrome) or invert colors to get negative of the photo.
★ Art filters for photos. Make your photo look like a color sketch, oil painting or watercolor painting. Use posterize photo filter, pencil sketch photo effect, sepia, oil and watercolor filters for this. Using our easy photo editor, you can touch the photo to make a part of the image look like an art.
★ Retro photo filter. Make your image look old with vintage photo effects and various color filters. Also you can use sepia effect.
★ Mirror images. Twirl and flip photos to make a funny picture in this amazing photo editor.
★ Pixel art photo touch effects. You can use posterize and pixelate picture effects to make your image look like a pixel art.

Features of this easy photo editor:
★ Combine cool photo effects to create your own awesome one. Use filters for photos in different order to get various cool color splash effects.
★ Customize all picture effects as you want. Change an intensity of photo blur effect or intensity of pencil sketch to make different pictures.

The most popular picture effects of this simple image editor are described below.

This effect can easily turn any photo into a real pencil sketch.
Using our amazing photo editor you can create a great portrait sketch from your photo! Customize this effect to create a colorful pencil sketch.

You can blur background of photos or blur photo with a color splash function by touching the photo. Use a motion blur effect to make a dynamic effect. Sharpen a part of the photo.

This easy photo editor also provides such picture effect as black and white effect. Change a saturation of an image to get an old photo effect. It’s possible to create a color splash effect with a touch of your finger. Try a sepia color filter.

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