photobook Hikari Mizuki vol.1



Appeared in the series "EX pink" · Hikari Mizuki Chan rookie of classy chassis height 170cm, bust of 90cm!

Please visit the photo album of digital 3000K tropical location. Earnestly shy shy Mr. Chan is light that surprising, "who is your favorite male manly type" even while shooting photos "do not like" and.
She also shot a little bit sexy challenge to that! I look forward to his future.

Model: Hikari Mizuki
December 12, 1987 Date of Birth:
Size: T170cm B90cm W59cm H89cm
(C) Tomoaki Hosoi / PAD / Lynx-contents

Title: digital photobook Hikari Mizuki vol.1
Model: Hikari Mizuki
Sheets: 39 Number of Images
NEC BIGLOBE: production and management
Further easy to see a photo slideshow features! All images can be set screen is listening!

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