photobook Rina Nagai vol.1

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    Series "! New pounding Idol"! Popular!

    Idle chan "Rina Nagai" of attention to multi-active TV, CF, and the stage, the long-awaited digital photo collection.
    Slender body pretty face. Smooth teenage skin unbearable. The fans happy sailor suit, white bikini, packed in his daring shot further leotard! Service, service to the open leg pose with a soft body! Let's hope in his future!

    Rina Nagai
    October 19, 1992 Date of Birth:
    Size: T155cm, B80cm · W58cm · H83cm
    / PAD / Lynx-contents 燿 Satoshi Hosoi (C)

    ★ Content
    Title: digital photobook Rina Nagai vol.1
    Model: Rina Nagai
    44 pieces: the number of images
    NEC BIGLOBE: production and operation
    Easy to read further features a photo slideshow! All images can be saved!