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Main Features:
- Record movie and take picture in the following ways: (1) Protected (safer), (2) Unprotected or (3) Hidden (faster)*.
- Spy camera through the Widgets:
- Take pictures and record videos without opening the application screen.
- Select the icon (mammoth, pen, penguin, transparent etc) and the label of the widget.
- Hide application! The Crypt Photo icon is hidden and the application may be called by dialing 4444.
- Setting up Flash, rear and front camera, auto focus and vibration.
- Take picture and record video by pressing the volume button*.
- Take consecutive pictures for a predetermined time or until the user click stop*.
- Record video for a predetermined time*.
- Save and recovery the passwords into/from PhotoCrypt server.
- Use multiple passwords. You change your passwords at any time, but your protected files will be accessible only if you are logged in the corresponding password.
- Use the AES encryption algorithm to protect the files.
- List protected\unprotected\visible\hidden files from device\Dropbox.
- Select\unselect files based on existing in Device\Dropbox.
- Sort files by name, date, type and size.
- Copy\Move to Server\Device, Protect\Unprotect, Delete and Share files*.
- View pictures and videos with or without subtitle, swipe, zoom, multi touch and rotate.
- Overwrite, skip or rename files with the same name.
- Filter files by folder and by visibility.
- Automatic services of Upload, protect and hide files*.
- Hide/Displays WhatsApp photos and videos or any other folder from the Gallery.
- Detects pictures taken by the native camera and shows a decision-making screen.
- PhotoCrypt Desktop ( allows you to protect\unlock your files directly from your computer (PC). How to do: take your protected files in PhotoCrypt folder on your device or download the protected files form your Dropbox account to your computer and unprotect using PhotoCrypt Desktop.

* = Limited in Demo version.

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