You can make a Self-Publishing eBook with your photos and scan files already existed in your device by just input the data.
Also tap "Create"button, then take a picture what you want to digitize, finally just 1 tap to "Make E-book"button.
and you gonna have your own original digital contents.
Even It is able to paint, stamp and even decorate your self-publishing contents.

□■Special features□■
▼The Book Collection at bookshelf▼
It is available to read your book with rearranging the data like a collection.

▼Load PNG, JPG files compressed to Zip format▼
It is available to read PDF and compressed PNG, JPG files as a digital content.

▼Turn over the pages like real book▼
We reproduced the reality of page effect. When turning over the pages, you can feel like reading actual book.

▼Link with Dropbox▼
It is available to carry your file data from Dropbox by linking with your account already have.(PNG, JPG data compressed into Zip)

▼Link with Bluetooth▼
It is available to exchange files of digital contents easily with Bluetooth.

□■How to Import the Zip file□■
・ The file is inputted by downloading from Dropbox.
・ EDIT⇒Import a Zip file, and access the relevant folder, finally just select the file what you want to Import.

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