Photoshop CS6 Layers & Objects



Strengthen your knowledge of Layers and start “working smarter” with Smart Objects in Photoshop CS6 in this 45-video course with pro Photoshop educator, Dan Moughamian...

You work hard to make your image files look great, but why not also work “smart”? In Dan Moughamian’s course on Layers and Smart Objects, you will learn how to do just that. Layers are the foundation of almost every Photoshop project. They allow you to keep every essential object in your project independent, allowing for extreme flexibility in editing, modifying and filtering. Dan expertly guides you through the mechanics of utilizing layers in Photoshop, deepening your knowledge-base and giving you the assurance that you’re building on a solid foundation.

Next, Dan introduces you to Smart Objects. As the name suggests, these objects, and the pro techniques that Dan gives you, will help you work faster but also “smarter.” Creating Smart Objects lets you preserve your original image content and then allows you to edit non-destructively so you can re-use the results many times. Dan’s detailed explanations will quickly enable you to harness the versatility and intelligence built into Photoshop’s Smart Objects.

From there, Dan dives into the exciting area of Effects. You will be “glowing” with excitement after Dan teaches you how to add “Glows”, “Shadows” and many other popular effects to your Photoshop files.

As this course draws to its conclusion, you’ll have an excellent understanding of the inner workings of Photoshop Layers and Smart Objects and common Effects, giving you the knowledge and new skills to take your images to the next level… and beyond!

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Table of contents:

1. Introduction
2. Layers Defined
3. Types of Layers
4. The Layer Menu at a Glance
5. The Layers Panel at a Glance
6. Layers Panel: Panel Options
7. Layers Panel: Filtering Layers
8. Layers Panel: Blend Mode Overview
9. Layers Panel: Transparent Pixels, Layer Opacity and ...
10. Layers Panel: Lock Controls
11. Layers Panel: Ordering & Grouping
12. Understanding Background Layers
13. Naming and Duplicating Layers
14. Creating Fill Layers
15. Creating Adjustment Layers
16. Creating Shape Layers
17. Creating Text Layers
18. Creating 3D Layers
19. Creating Video Layers
20. Creating Layers from a Selection
21. Creating New Documents from a Layer
22. Converting Layers to Smart Objects
23. Understanding Smart Filters
24. Placing Images as Smart Object Layers
25. Opening Photos as Smart Objects
26. Selecting Layers from the Document Preview
27. Linking Layer Transformations
28. Understanding Clipping Layers
29. Merge Down & Flatten
30. Deleting Layers
31. Multiply
32. Screen
33. Overlay
34. Soft Light
35. Layer Styles Intro
36. Inner Shadow Effect
37. Drop Shadow Effect
38. Bevel & Emboss Effect
39. Inner and Outer Glow Effects
40. Color Overlay Effect
41. Gradient Overlay Effect
42. Pattern Overlay Effect
43. Managing Layer Effects: Move, Duplicate, Delete
44. Converting Effects to Layers
45. Closing