PicApport - Android Client



The PicApport Android-Client-App is an alternative to a browser providing a comfortable and optional frontend to a PicApport Server.
It turns any Android Tablet to a dynamic electronic Picture Frame.

PicApport is an easy-to-use, free of charge, private cloud photo server for your home network. Because everybody has a smartphone
these days, it has become almost impossible to organize all existing photos of your family in a central place and make them available
to every family member . Social networks offer a solution but not everybody wants to load private photos into the cloud. PicApport
offers a solution for this. Because of the consequent integration of metadata, PicApport works for the "serious" photographer in the
family exporting his RAW images from the RAW converter and for the rest of the family making snapshots with a smartphone .
You can even allow visitors to access PicApport because with filters you can define what photos they are allowed to see.

For more iformation see http://www.picapport.de/

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