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There's nothing a like a fine sent to your house, accompanied by a grey obscure snap of your car breaking the speed limit, to fill you with anger. Why not mess around with your friends a bit?

  • Photographic filter that looks the real deal
  • Not much substance to it

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"Catch out your friends with this swanky radar"


If you're the joker in the group, here's an app to help reinforce your reputation. Radar is an app that no prankster can go without. With it, you can take photos of your friends' cars as they're driving or when they're parked (it doesn't matter, because this app has no way of recording the actual speed). Following the photo, you can produce an image that appears to show your friend travelling at 180km per hour on a road in which the speed limit it 50km per hour. Get it?


It's the app that any class clown needs to have installed on their mobile, or if you're simply someone who wants to give your friend a scare. You can take a photo of their vehicle and you'll get a instant image in which the vehicle appears to have been caught by a speed camera (you know, those photos captured via radar that get sent to your house). You can send it to your chosen victim via email, messenger service, or simply print it out on paper and stick it in an envelope so make the joke that more authentic.


The app works well without any major complications. Remember that it's just a joke app. Nothing more, nothing less.

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by Cecília

May 27, 2015

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