recmember me



Let’s your happier moments fly to the future.
Do you imagine you can write a letter for you little son in order to he will receive it in the future when he will be older? Or you can send your daughter her first steps and she will receive it years later, in her birthday? Think about the huge number of special moments that you will be able to share: her born, her first day of school, her first dive in the beach… and that she will receive it on a date in the future that you will have decided.
With “recmember me” you can do this through your smarthphone, adding images or videos in your memories and send it in order to they can receive in the future.
Have you ever thought about the amount of specials moments that you have had in your live? Collect, make unforgettable and share it.

- As easy as sending a letter or an e-mail.
- Themed stencil and available photo filters in order to send your memories. Create your own memories depending on the moment.
- Possibility of including short videos.
- Possibility of sending your memories to addressees who don’t have an email in the moment that the memory was created (the system ask for some e-mail when the date get close).
- Security and privacy guaranteed. With total confidentiality, only you will be able to access your memories.
- Social sharing on Facebook or Twitter.
- Send your memories in even 99 years for now!

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Help us to grow and we help you to preserve and to hand over your memories to your loved ones.

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