Secretools feat.Eagle Talon



Secret Camera + Hidden Folder Management + Confidential Stickers

Change shutter sound to Eagle Talon Team and the members talk, talk and talk!
Say cheese to the Eagle talon members' voice!
Take the best smiles with their witty lines!

■ Special Features of the secret camera
・Silent function with abundant Eagle Talon character voices
・Loaded with a continuous shooting function that won't miss a second
・Self-shots are easy too! With the screen-side camera you won't have to flip the phone over
・Take a group picture! Features timer function.
・Great screen quality that you won't believe is free
・Huge, ad-free camera screen
・One-touch easy focus function
・Light function, so you can even use it in dark places
・Loaded with a preview function, so you can check your photos right away

 That are taken are only saved within the app,
 so if someone looks at your gallery you don't have to worry!!
  (It's also easy to move photos to the gallery)

■ Folder Management
Control that offers peace of mind with a password
Every photo you take or process is saved in this folder.
Therefore, if someone looks at your iPhone camera roll you don't have to worry!!

■ Confidential Stickers
Using Eagle Talon stickers, you can make lots of edits!
We're planning to add new stickers any day!!

■ Sharing functionality
You can send it via twitter, Facebook, instagram and mail to LINE and also to friends.

■ This is recommended for the following people.
People who want to take pictures in a quiet restaurant or cafe
Students who want to take pictures by the class bulletin board
People who want to take pictures of animals sensitive to sounds such as pets
Married couples who does not want to wake up their sleeping baby
Couples who do not want to break the mood

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security tool,burst camera,manner camera,SPY cam,timer camera,lock

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