Sprite Maker II



This application will allow you to easily make small sprite animations on the go. Anyone who loves retro games will enjoy creating and animating custom sprites.

Tools: Pencil, brush, bucket fill, rectangle, eyedropper
Fuctions: Add, delete, copy, paste, flip, undo, redo
Colors: 128 colors from the atari palette, custom color selector, transparency

Pinch the screen to zoom in or out and use two fingers to move the canvas.

Show or hide a panel by choosing one the View menu. You can also move panels around
by dragging them from the top

File Saving
The images are saved in the Sprite Maker folder on your SD card. When you save a project,
a .png file is created containing each of the frames in a row. You can also choose to create
an animated .gif, although these can't always be played in the Android gallery.

Please e-mail me any questions or suggestions.

Although this application has been succesfully tested on various devices, I can't
guarentee it will run perfectly on every phone.

Tags: sprite maker , selector sprite

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