Spy Cam Trap



This app enables you to secretly take silent pictures.
There are two unique ways to secretly take pictures. 1 Via a media button on your (Bluetooth enabled) headset. 2 Via the onscreen word changing widget.

1. This application runs in the background and you can press your headset (or Bluetooth media) button any time to silently take pictures. Nobody will notice you are taking pictures.

2. The application widget displays a (random) word. If the widget is pressed a silent picture is taken and a new word appears. The person who clicks on the widget reads the words and is curious for the next word, they will never inspect there picture has been taken wile they where reading the words.

Use front and back camera
Enable/disable media buttons
Enable/disable screen messages
chose your own words (to display on the widget)
Enable/disable random widget words
no sound

put the next words in the widget,
will you marry me!
And you will have 3 photo's of that special moment.

spy camera secret silent

Do not use this app for evil purposes.
You are responsible for your own actions with this app.

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