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    Published: 2011-11-10, by Peter Warrior.

    Easy, useful and powerful VR app.

    • Great app. No flaws.
    • Usefulness.
    • Moon Path included.
    • No complaints.

    "Sun is shining"

    Sun Path is the big brother of Moon Path, which is included. Therefore, if you download and install this you'll have both at the same time.

    Sun Path, developed by, is a VR app so it works along side GPS and your device camera, showing where the sun should be and what has been and what will be its predictable path through the sky. We can play with the time sliders and the calendar to see past events or predict future dawns, sunsets, zeniths or whatever, looking at a glance the path it took, is taken or will take. When needed, we can take a screenshot with a timestamp, add the data to our agenda or pinpoint the location in Google Maps. It always shows where the sun should be, either behind a building or beneath the ground.

    We've found quite a few practical uses to this app. Interior designers, realtors and gardeners may be the main target for this app, but landscape painters, photographers and moviemakers will find it essential, too.

    Everything runs smoothly, user interface is great and features are very interesting. Good job, Sylde dot net.

    In addition, it's a good complement to a good weather widget.

    There's a demo of Sun Path included into Moon Path free app, just in case you want to check it out first. Anyway, it's a very recommendable app of which we're pretty sure you'll find a lot of new and witty uses once you install it. Final word: Android can be great for games and a thousand and one more things, but we love above all those apps that can help people in their jobs, duties or hobbies.

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