Talking Cat in CAMERA



If you're buying this application, You can treasure cat's picture of various expression.

### is there the camera for cat? YES!!

when you wanna treasure cat's picture of various expression.
when you wanna boast your cat's picture at SNS.

cat camera (take cat's picture)
@@@@New concept dedicated camera for cat@@@@

======== Features: =========

## Can take picture, during the sound.

*. angry cat sound

*. cat's laugh

*. as so on...(sound of 7kinds )

##Supports a maximum resolution of the current smartphones can be taken

British Shorthairs,Russian Blue, Egyptian Mau,himalayan cat,scottish fold ,norwegian forest ca
Savannah Cat,Bombay cat, scottish fold, Birman,burmese cat,American bobtail,sphynx,Manx cat
Oriental Shorthair, Turkish angora>

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