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* Unlike other remote camera APP, this APP directly upload photos and store them in your Dropbox account, no any other unknown host or transmit path required, you do not worry about photos stolen or seen by other people. **

By using this APP, you can telecontrol your mobile's camera and take pictures in distance from anywhere now!

If you have 2 devices with camera support, install this APP on them and login your Dropbox account, then put one device(Slave) in the place you want to monitor, you can start to use the other device(Master) to remotely control the slave device to take pictures, and send the pictures back.

* Remote Shooting APP support Android & iOS platforms, you can also use Android mobile to control iPhone/iPAD to take pictures!
iOS version is here: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id649220827

1) 2 Android devices:
You need at least two Android devices with camera support, one performs as a slave device responsible for taking pictures, the other one performs as a master device to monitor.

2) Stable Internet connection:
Two devices need to connect to Internet, in order to immediately upload and download snapshots over the network.

3) one Dropbox account
You need a Dropbox account. If you do not have one, you can apply a free one from here: http://www.dropbox.com

How to use:
1) Install and run the APP on 2 devices, and then login with the same Dropbox account on them.

2) Click the Slave mode button on device which to be responsible for taking pictures, and click Master mode on the another device.

3) Place the slave device in the place with stable internet connection where you want to take pictures, and connect the power supply to the device to avoid power-saving mode automatically.

4) Press the capture button on the master device will trigger the slave device to take pictures. Please wait for a few minutes (depending on network speed) for data transferring, snapshot will be sent across the network over.

1) No shutter sound while taking pictures.
2) Slave device is looks like in power-off state while taking pictures.

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