Our world offers us an endless variety of interesting things. We find everything, what we can imagine and everything what we can not imagine in it. Completely different ways of living, thinking and behaving will always surprise us. This is, what makes our world so rich and interesting.
More and more people have the possibility to travel, and this gives them the chance to learn about new destinations and different cultures. No matter, how experienced in travelling we are, we will still face interesting, funny or shocking moments during our trips.
But we should not laugh at other people because of their different habits, we should laugh about the diversity of this world. Everything what makes us laugh should make us think as well. Why is it funny to us? Maybe, what is funny to us, is sad or shocking to someone else, and viceversa. This meditation will help us to understand and tolerate other people´s way.
Most funny situations rise up spontaneously out of the blue, and we do not always have our camera in hand. But generally, nowadays everyone carries the smart phone along, and the quality oft he smart phone cameras can compete easily with that of small photo cameras. This app should make it easier for you to share your picture with your community right after taking it. You just log into your account and upload the photo or video onto the site. Quickly and easily.
This website is also a small mission to try to help people not only to understand and accept different ways of thinking, beliefs, traditions, positions and ways of living, but also to appreciate them. We will definitively enjoy the world and its people much more, if we try to understand them. And this will help the world to become a better place.
The pictures on this site are often taken with a mobile phone camera. However, these pictures do not claim a high aesthetic standard, important is their content and their message.
Enjoy this app and the site and recommend them to your friends!