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Do you want to show off the photos in a slideshow that you have on your device?

The Show allows you to view your images in a Slideshow, Widgets on your home screens with Live Wallpaper.

When you run the application, you are ready to start a slideshow.

Tap the play button to start the show, the stop button to stop the show.

Touch the bottom half of the screen to hide or display the controls.

Touch the top half of the screen to quickly stop or start the show.

Long press the screen to zoom an image or restart the slide show.

The images are sorted according to the date in descending order. As the show moves forward, the images start moving backward through time.

Swipe left or right to change the direction of the slideshow.

Swipe up or down to speed up or slow down the duration between images of the slideshow.

Long press to zoom an image or to restart the slideshow. Press back to leave zooming an image.

Touch the bottom half of the screen to hide/display the controls:
* Move a slide backward and/or continue moving backward
* Stop or start moving the slideshow
* Move a slide forward and/or continue moving forward
* Slow down the duration by double
* Speed up the duration by double
* Display the setting activity to configure other settings

The Show Slideshow settings allows you to:
* Enable/disable displaying the name of file
* Enable/disable rotating the image to fill the screen
* Enable/disable displaying brief messages
* Select the animation between images:
- None: no animation transition
- Fade: fade out of a image as the next image fades in
- Horizontal: slide an images left or right according to direction of slideshow
- Morph - overlap fading from one image to the next
- Vertical: slide an images up or down according to direction of slideshow
- Zoom: zoom an image out as the next image zooms in
- Random: one of the previous animations except None

Beware using the option in the settings to "Keep the device awake", will keep the device display on, potentially draining the battery. This option prevents your device from sleeping, so that the slideshow will remain visible. If running a long slideshow, it is recommended to connect your device to a charging source.

Tap the screen to display the settings, which will allow you
* Choose to show image name
* Choose to rotate the image to fill the screen
* Choose to display brief messages
* Choose to keep device awake
* Choose one of the animations or random
* Set the duration between images from 2 to 1024 seconds.
* Filter images by part of filename or path.
* Explore your device to locate images to display.
* Forty-one backgrounds available to fill screen when images do not. Either choose one background, or have random backgrounds from a group of backgrounds: abstract, colors, bricks, clouds, metal, nature, rocks, water, wood, and all.

Display widgets on home screens with filtered images
* Fill most screens with a 4x4 large widget
* Display a medium size 2x2 widget
* Show a small size 1x1 wiget
* Advance the image in a widget based on time or touch
* Choose a random background or select one of forty backgrounds

Set Live Wallpaper to display filtered images
* Set time between image changes between 2 and 256 minutes
* Advance the image for wallpaper based on time or touch

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