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Have you ever seen any photos created by the great app [ Vignette app] but not sure which effect filters they applied? Now *Vignette Filters Exchange* (VFE) is here as a centralized place for every Vignette app users to share and import their cool filters.

*You have to install Vignette app first*

* Import effect filter from Vignette app
* Upload effect filters with tags and a preview image
* Single tap to import filter to Vignette app
* Long press an effect filter item to share a unique URL of the filter to other VFE app users
* Search the database of filters by multiple tags (doing AND operations)

== Tips:==
# Share only one filter at time as one preview image can't express different filters at once.
# Put a unique name as tag so that searching this tag will get all your cool filters quickly.

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