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Using the Wireless Mobile Utility (the “app”), smart devices can connect to cameras equipped with built-in wireless or Nikon’s wireless mobile adapter accessory, with no need for a wireless LAN router or access point. The app can be used to download images from the camera memory card, share pictures using the Android “Share” Intent, and take pictures remotely while the view through the lens is displayed on the smart device.

•Principal Features
‒ Connections can easily be established with the smart device and cameras equipped with built-in wireless or a wireless mobile adapter.
‒ The camera clock can be automatically synchronized with the smart device.
‒ The smart device can be used to view and download the pictures on the camera memory card.
‒ The Android “Share” Intent can be used to pass downloaded pictures to other apps for easy sharing.
‒ You can release the camera shutter remotely while the view through the lens is displayed on the smart device.
‒ Photographs taken using the camera shutter-release button can be automatically saved to the smart device - compatible cameras only: DSLR, S6800, S6600, S6500 (firmware version 1.1), S5300, S5200 (firmware version 1.1).
‒ Images selected for upload with D5300 cameras can be transmitted to the smart device.
‒ You can now Choose the size at which images are downloaded.
‒ Choose whether to embed Android location data in pictures not already containing location data provided by the camera.
‒ A two-second self-timer is available.
‒ The smart device can control optical zoom on COOLPIX cameras.

‒ The app can only be used with cameras equipped with built-in wireless or a WU-1a/WU-1b wireless mobile adapter (S800c excluded).
‒ Movies can not be recorded remotely.
‒ The app can be used to download movies to the smart device but not to play them back. The app may not display pictures taken with other cameras.
‒ When downloaded to the smart device, the photograph and movie portions of Motion Snapshots recorded with Nikon 1 cameras are treated as separate files.
‒ We recommend installing a memory card in the smart device.
‒ Ad hoc and Wi-Fi Direct wireless LAN modes are not supported.
‒ The app may not function as expected when installed on smart devices that have not been tested and approved for use.
‒ The display must have a resolution of at least 800 × 480 pixels (WVGA).
‒ Depending on the device used and on network and ambient conditions, frame delay and lag may occur during live view.
‒ In accord with wireless regulations, the wireless mobile adapter can be used only at a maximum range of approximately 10 m to 15 m (33 ft to 49 ft). Range may be affected by obstacles and signal conditions.

•Using the App
For more information, see the app manual, which can be downloaded from the following URL:

•Terms of Use
Before using the app, download and read the End User License Agreement, available at the following URL:

•Supported Digital Cameras (as of April 2014)
D610, D600, D7100, D3300, D3200, D5300, D5200, Df
Nikon 1 V3, V2, J4, J3, S1, AW1
COOLPIX S6500, P520, S9500, S5300, S5200, AW110, AW110s, COOLPIX A, P330, S6800, S6600, P7800, P600, P530, P340, S9700(s), S9600, AW120(s).

•Supported Devices (as of January 2014)
The following smartphones are supported.(Android version):
Galaxy S4(4.2.2)/S3 α(4.1.1)/S2(4.0.3)
Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE(4.0.4)/7.7 Plus(4.0.4)
Galaxy note 2(4.1.1)
Galaxy Nexus(4.2.2)
Nexus 7 2012 Wi-Fi(4.4.2)/2013 Wi-Fi(4.4.2)
Nexus 4(4.4.2)
Nexus 5(4.4.2)
Sony Mobile Communications Xperia Z1(4.1.2)
Motorola Droid RAZR M(4.1.2)
HTC One J(4.2.2)
Optimus it(4.2.2)/LTE(4.0.4)

•Trademark Information
Android, Google Play, and related logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. All other trade names mentioned in this document are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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Recently changed in this version

- The D3300, Nikon 1 V3 and J4 are now supported.
- The COOLPIX P600, P530, P340, S9700(s), S9600, AW120(s), S5300 and S6800 are now supported.
- Location data can now be added to pictures taken with the COOLPIX P7800, S9500, and AW110(s).

Comments and ratings for WirelessMobileUtility
  • (56 stars)

    by Lou L on 17/04/2014


  • (56 stars)

    by Paulo Alexandre Oliveira Pereira on 17/04/2014

    Great app

  • (56 stars)

    by Andrew David on 17/04/2014

    Does not work, freezes and restarts my phone once the app is opened, defaults to german, customer service claims they've never heard this issue but several others have complained here. Bad service and bad app

  • (56 stars)

    by Owen W on 17/04/2014

    Urgh. It does the deed but won't close properly. I need to force quit every time I use it. Helpful updates would be to get rid of that icon that appears on my status bar every time I open the app. And shutting down properly too wouldn't hurt. Needs an

  • (56 stars)

    by Felicia Johnson on 16/04/2014

    I can be sitting with the Samsung Galaxy S4 (android ver 4.3) sitting right next to my Ipad and my Nikon D3200...it will connect no problem to my ipad...it will NOT connect to the Galaxy S4 period. Is there an update to this coming soon? I hope???? I'

  • (56 stars)

    by Robert Fox on 16/04/2014

    Eadt setup with S4 and D3300 camera, but Wifi on phone will not stay connected due to "Internet to slow" error... please fix or post solution for S4 users!!!!!

  • (56 stars)

    by Patrick Loyer on 15/04/2014

    It does the extreme basic, takes pictures and can transfer them wirelessly from your camera to your phone. I wished it had more setting options as well as being able to shoot video remotely (which would then make it a much better app). We also should be