World Heritage -Ogasawara-

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    The Bonin Islands are a Pacific archipelago of over 30 isles located about 1,000 km south, south east of Tokyo. In June 2011, they were added to the UNESCO Natural Heritage list. The Bonin Islands are oceanic formations—meaning they were never part of a continent—so life on the archipelago went through unique evolutionary changes. Due to the abundance of precious flora and fauna found on the islands, they are also called the Galapagos of the Orient. The islands' marine life includes dolphins, humpback whales, sperm whales and giant squids, among others, while on land you can encounter the local natural monument, the Bonin White-eye bird, or the Bonin Fruit Bat etc. Access to the island is available only via a ship which comes once a week. The trip takes 24.5 hours after which... you can enjoy the sites available now in this ultimate Bonin Islands photo album, presented by Chichi-jima-based photographers: Toshio Minami, Shizuo Inoo and Masuo Tomita / e-Photography

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