World of Insects



World of Insects is is picture book app with various insects with more than 2,000 pictures and YouTube movies.
Insects pictures include more than 2000 pictures.
Picture category:
Beetles,Butterflies,Bees,Ants,Spiders and Mantids.

You can learn World of Insects in text with 2,000 photos and YouTube movies.
(Language:text is Japanese only. )

You can also view pictures with Slide show function!

Please enjoy World of Insects Photo gallery!!

Photo data include various pictures of Beetles,Butterflies,Bees,Ants,Spiders and Mantids.

This photo gallery app is good for learning World of Insects!

In YouTube tab, you can enjoy various YouTube movie related to World of Insects!

Please enjoy World of Insects, the photo gallery of 2,000 insects photos and YouTube movies.

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