2nd Core



SAMSUNG Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note Only For Now!
NEEDS Custom Kernel Support!

You can set the CPU cores as dynamic hotplug mode, single core mode or fully dual core mode.
This provides easy and simple way to use.

[ Features ]
*Set on boot
Change mode what you selected automatically on boot time.
Menu > Settings

[ Modes ]
*Dynamic Hotplug Mode
Default. Recently, mobile multicore CPUs turn off extra core(s) to save battery life when system is not busy and only use 1 core.
They turn on extra core(s) when system is busy. so system use all cores again.

*Single Core Mode
Use 1 core always. A extra core is shut down. It makes battery life longer but performance is decreased.

*Dual Core Mode
Use 2 cores always. Performance is increased but battery life is shorter than others.

*Available kernels

- Lulz Kernel Build 15 and over
- Siyah Kernel v2.2 and over

- FM Kernel based on [Beta]

See more details.

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