40 Durood Shareef



All praise belongs to Almighty Allah for without Him, none of this could have ever been achieved. May peace and blessings be bestowed on our leader, Muhammed (s.a.w), and upon his family and his companions.

This app contains a collection of 40 duroods with their meaning. InshaAllah by reciting these duroods, we will see a great change in our life and in out habits.

Please download this app and pass the knowledge on, so that it will benefit you as well as others.

This app is created by Qasim Musa. If you have any questions regarding the functions of this app, send an email to quetonix@LIVE.CO.UK

All credit for the literature within this app goes to Al-noor publications. The contents of this app is produced by Al-noor publications and if you have any queries regarding this, please send an email to info@alnoorpublications.org or give them a ring on 07899987330.

** Special thanks to Aneesa Kaduji for her dedicated help on the design of the app. **

Change log:

V 1.0.0:

- Initial release.


- Many bug fixes, app has been fully re-created.
- Side scrolling now implemented, scroll from durood to durood without having to go back. (implemented due to a suggestion from someone in the comments).
- More information added to the introduction - scroll down on the intro page to view the virtues of durood, and some of the benefits of sending durood on Friday (Jum'ah).
- Poster added.
- May still be slow on low end phones.
- Compatible with ICS (Android 4.0+)


- Now you can scroll from right to left, for easier recitation of the Arabic text.
- Many more bug fixes.


- Compressed app, smaller app with no reduction in quality.
- InshaAllah, some of the force closes should be fixed. This was initially due to less memory being available for the app. Hopefully Google will improve the way dalvik vm works with decoding bitmap images, and fix memory leak issues.


Salaam, Alhamdulillah after hours of research and trials and errors, I think I have managed to fix force close problem for most devices. Please update to the latest version and leave a comment to let me know whether it has been fixed.


- Fixed force close issue.
- Removed poster (main cause of the force close due to huge image file being loaded).

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