SMS Recon is a Complete Solution, The Best Anti-Theft, Anti-Lost & Monitoring App available on Android,
this application will be very helpful for Lost or stolen phones . SMS Recon can also be used as an application of Assistance, Anti Theft, Monitor, you can Also use it for Monitoring.

SMS Recon has many features to help you to recover a Lost/Stolen Device, for Monitoring, Assistance & more :

● 3 Methods To Request - instantly the Current Location (Reply to the SMS Sender) - Auto Enable GPS(Require Root)

● Request to your Phone to Call You (in Speaker Mode - Reply to the Sender)

● Wipe, reset to Factory Settings, Deletes all your Contacts , Apps & more...

● Plays a Powerful Alarm Even if HeadSet/Cask is Connected

● SMS Monitoring, Outgoing/Incoming SMS Message, intercept Text Message - SMS sent and received & Report to your Emergency Number/Mail Address - uses Stop Listen SMS to Stop this Mode

● Backup All SMS, Call History/Call Logs, Contact, Calendar(If Available) & Browser History

● Pictures Monitoring Taken by the Thief using the Camera App, a notification is sent and the picture taken is Sent to the Emergency Mail Address With The Location Where The Picture has been Taken

● Take a Picture Using the Frontal Camera & Rear Camera

● Video Recording using the Frontal or Rear Camera

● Audio Record Using Microphone

● Call Recording, Great Quality Call Recorder

● Take 4 Pics or a Video When in Call From The Rear Camera

● Detect if Sim Card has been changed or removed and send you a Notification SMS to the Emergency Number you have set if No Sim Card is Detected , Defcon Mode is Enabled - Anti Theft Mode

● ITS Mode, Tracking Mode, every 40 Mins a Custom & Complete Report is sent (Audio Mode Possible)

● Anti Theft – Locate – Call Recorder – Intercept Text Message - Take Picture – & Much More...

**** DEFCON MODE - Anti Theft - Alert Mode ****

Defcon Mode is a New & Unique Feature that will be Useful if your Phone get Stolen, When The Defcon Mode is Enabled, the phone Behavior will be :

● 20 First Minutes of Audio Recorder Using Microphone ●

● Notification sent when the Phone is Turned Off by the Thief or if the Phone has Rebooted ●

● Monitoring Internet Connection(Wifi/3G) and Notify you when an Internet Connection is Avaible , if there is No Sim Card , Location Report will Start Automaticly when the Phone is Connected to Internet ●

● Monitoring The GPS Status , and Notify you when GPS has been Enabled by the Thief ●

● Lock Android Settings ●

● Hide Pictures From Gallery ●

● Clear All GMail Password & All SMS/MMS/Calls Log/Contacts(Optional) ●

Defcon Mode(mainly Anti Theft System) should be the first command you Send if your Phone get stolen/lost .
Defcon Mode will also be started if there is no Sim Card , Or if SIM Card has been changed send DEFCON Mode Off(DMN) to Turn it off .

** Note : Notification are sent to your Emergency Number and Emergency Mail Adress, the Device is in Alert Mode . **

**** DEFCON MODE Anti Theft ****

SMS Recon is a Unique Anti-Theft, Anti-Loss, Monitoring, Multi-Role App & more for Android, SMS Recon is controlled by SMS: [Command Name][Space][Your Password]
There is no any Background Service or Task, SMS Recon work only when you send a Command. By Downloading/Using SMS Recon, you agree with the Terms of Use Available on Website
SMS Recon is the Best, Unique & Multi-Role : Anti Theft Anti Loss, Monitoring App - Anti Theft – Locate – Call Recorder – Intercept Text Message - Take Picture – & Much More...

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